In September 1999 the Ulva Island Charitable Trust was set up by a group of dedicated Stewart Islanders with the objective of raising money for a one-off project to upgrade walking tracks and facilities on Ulva Island. 

The Trust applied for grants from various sources, and in conjunction with the Department of Conservation, has provided approximately 4.5 kilometres of well-maintained gravel walking track for visitors to enjoy.

Since then the Trust has played an important role, alongside the Department of Conservation, in funding not just the upkeep of Ulva Island but also striving to keep it free of introduced predators and pests.


Ulva Island bookletUlva Island self-guide booklet

2004 saw the launch of the Ulva Island self-guide booklet. With the help of the Dancing Star Foundation, the Trust financed production of the booklet to enhance visitors' enjoyment of the island. In March 2014 the self-guide booklet was updated and re-published and contains a wealth of information about what you may see during your visit to Ulva Island and what you need to know before you go.


Kakapo Encounter

In 2006 the first "Kakapo Encounter" gave Stewart Islanders the chance to see a kakapo on Ulva Island. Many organisations and individuals were involved in creating and hosting the "Kakapo Encounter" and the Trust was, and continues to be, very grateful for the support it received. Kakapo EncounterSuccessive years saw the popularity of the "Kakapo Encounter" grow, with the final "Kakapo Encounter" in 2009 being the most successful. Sirocco proved a popular ambassador for the Kakapo Recovery Programme, boasting visitors not just from Southland and New Zealand, but all over the world coming to see this most endearing, flightless, nocturnal parrot.

Read more about the Kakapo Recovery Programme.


Primeval Paradise DVDPrimeval Paradise DVD

In 2007 the Primeval Paradise DVD was released. In conjunction with the Natural History Unit of New Zealand, the Ulva Island Charitable Trust produced this spectacular high definition DVD about Ulva Island bird life. Filmed by Scott Mouat and distributed by Elwin Productions, this riveting film gets up close to birds and plants in their natural environment.

Visit the Elwin Productions website.


Avian Research Programme

Ulva Island Avian Research Programme

In 2008 the Ulva Island Charitable Trust funded the printing of a booklet about the Ulva Island Avian Research Programme. The University of Otago, in collaboration with the Department of Conservation's Stewart Island office and the Ulva Island Charitable Trust, is investigating the role of inbreeding and loss of genetic diversity in island re-introduction programmes, as part of a long-term study of robins and saddlebacks on Ulva Island.


Learn more about the University of Otago and Department of Conservation.


Upgrade to facilities on Ulva Island

In 2009 the Ulva Island Charitable Trust financed the upgrade of toilet facilities on Ulva Island.