About us

The Ulva Island Charitable Trust was set up in September 1999 by a group of dedicated Stewart Islanders with the objective of raising money for a one-off project to upgrade walking tracks and facilities on Ulva Island. 

Inspired by this achievement, more than a decade later the Trust continues to raise funds and, in conjunction with the Department of Conservation, strives to keep Ulva Island free of introduced pests and predators where native plants and birds can thrive.  Just as importantly, Ulva Island is easily accessible for visitors to enjoy a truly primeval paradise.

"It was a truly magical experience walking through the bush on Ulva Island.  The lush undergrowth, the sounds of kiwi and kaka's call and you can't help reflect and say a quiet 'thank you' to the Ulva Island [Charitable] Trust in partnership with DoC, who have eradicated all pests from this beautiful island.  The birds and bush are being restored to what we had in the past, what an investment for the future."
Frana Cardno, former Mayor of Southland


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