August 2018 - we've updated our logo!  A fresh new look for the Kakariki that has been our logo for almost 20 years.

Commemorative Medal from the Australian Governor-General

June 2017 - on 3rd June the Ulva Island Charitable Trust had great pleasure in welcoming Australian Governor-General, Sir Peter Cosgrove, and his wife Lady Cosgrove to Ulva Island.  Their State visit to New Zealand included visits to Wellington, Christchurch, Kaikoura as well as Stewart Island and Ulva Island.  Sir Peter was particularly interested to learn about the kiwi population on Ulva Island and Stewart Island and the conservation efforts of the Ulva Island Charitable Trust and presented us with a commemorative medal.

Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove and Lady Cosgrove with trustees from Ulva Island Charitable Trust 

Left to right:
Peter Goomes (Trustee UICT), Lady Cosgrove, Sir Peter Cosgrove, Matt Jones (Chairman UICT), Ann Pullen (Secretary UICT), Megan Cowley (Trustee UICT).

June 2017 - two new hotels opened on Ulva Island on 1st June but members of the public won't be able to stay in them.  However, they can watch the occupants through a cleverly designed perspex wall allowing a sneak peek into the life of a Weta. These cricket-like insects are endemic to New Zealand and the Ulva Island Charitable Trust has provided these 'hotels' to enhance the weta population on Ulva Island.

Weta 'hotel' on Ulva Island

June 2016 - Minister of Conservation, Maggie Barry visited Ulva Island and met Ulva Island Charitable Trust Chairman, Matt Jones. 

May 2016 - Bill Oddie O.B.E., author, actor, comedian, artist, naturalist, musician and one of Britain's leading public activists for conservation visited Stewart Island in May 2016, entertaining us with his life story of birding experiences.  Ulva Island Charitable Trust Chairman, Matt Jones who is also a local birdwatching guide had the pleasure of escorting Bill around Ulva Island for a few hours.

Bill Oddie and Matt Jones on Ulva Island

New Zealand's Prime Minister, John Key and local MP Sarah Dowie visited Stewart Island and Ulva Island.  Joining them on Ulva Island were members of the local Department of Conservation office along with Ann Pullen, Ulva Island Charitable Trust Secretary, pictured far right. Photograph courtesy of The Office of Sarah Dowie, MP.

Prime Minister, John Key's visit to Ulva Island 

May 2015 - Stewart Island was fortunate to be included in His Royal Highness Prince Harry's first official visit to New Zealand.  The Ulva Island Charitable Trust had the great pleasure of meeting the Prince on Ulva Island where we had an informal and relaxed chat about conservation, Ulva Island and its birdlife and the work the Trust does.

Prince Harry with the Trustees 

Left to right:
Kari Beaven, Ann Pullen (Secretary), Prince Harry, Matt Jones (Chairman), Megan Cowley, Graham Cowley (Treasurer) and unfortunately absent from the photograph, Peter Goomes.


May 2014 - the Ulva Island Charitable Trust is proud to support 'Gadget', a Rodent Detector Dog who lives on Stewart Island with her handler.  

Gadget the Rodent Detector Dog

Gadget is a member of the New Zealand Conservation Dogs Programme and has undertaken some of her training on Ulva Island to be a predator detection dog.

Gadget and her handler on Ulva IslandShe is trained to indicate the presence of rodents (her target species) without catching or harming them.  The Ulva Island Charitable Trust is delighted to fund some of Gadget's costs to help keep Ulva Island predator-free.

Read Gadget's Tails - Stories of a Rodent Detector Dog and give her a like on Facebook!

Ulva Island self guide bookletMarch 2014 - the updated version of the Ulva Island self-guide booklet was published.  It contains fabulous new photographs, a new section about Orchids as well as wealth of information about the birds and plants you may see during your visit to Ulva Island.